An Alternative View of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Let me pre-face this and be clear about it: I fundamentally disagree with just about every single political and social position I have heard verbalized by incoming Freshmen House Member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Her outlook of the world is very clearly in-tune with the current hard Left shift of the Democratic Party.

She rejects capitalism, she sees herself as a standard bearer of modern feminism, she preaches about oppression, racism, sexism… You know, the usual tone of the Left…

She screams about climate change, echoes eternally debunked economic theories of Marxist-Socialist hacks, preaches about the benefits of these political mantras while refusing to comment, debate, or verbally acknowledge the astounding failures of these policies in the real world that have been manifested in countries like Venezuela and the former Soviet Union.

It is stunning, if not shocking.

‘Shock’ is a word that has lost value today, as the most asinine things (especially political) seem possible.

The fact that someone actively pushes for these policies, and gets elected in a country that is founded on the exact opposite values is definitely shocking.

This, however, brings me to an important point: In effect, a level of respect I have for this woman.

I do not respect her cause or her aspirations - Those coincide with the death of both our nation and our way of life.

I do, however, respect the fact that she is blatantly open about her positions.

We watched and continue to watch Left-wing politicians hide their true views.

They paint themselves as "moderates," or as originalist Democrats, only to get into office, vote, and behave like Far Left activists.

This has happened many times. This continues to happen to the gullible middle-of-the-road Democratic voter who has not woken up and realized that the party has left him/her because he/she is fooled by the somewhat civil election time talk of many politicians, only to find out quickly that he/she has been had.

This doesn't exist with Cortez.

Facing a known enemy, whose views and intentions are clear, helps our side in the fight.

We can combat what we know. We also combat what we do not know, but one has to admit that it is far better to have a clear view of where the opposition stands.

I respect that she hasn't been a snake in the grass. She ran on her views, and the people of her district sadly decided this was where they wanted to go politically.

The good news is, she has become a face of the Left, which while likable to a degree for the uninformed, her non-stop verbal gaffes help the cause against her.

If this is what they are offering, we have a leg up, but only if we stand strong on it!

We need to move forward from simply critiquing and laughing at her comments, to instead taking them seriously and striking them down.

The danger of the Left remains that they deceive. Exposure is needed. Wake Up to it!