Midterm Alert: The Fight Against Illegal Immigration

The United States is NOT a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. A pure democracy is a form of government in which the leaders, while elected by the people, are not constrained by a constitution as to its actions.

In our Republic, elected officials cannot take away or violate certain rights of the people, specifically those God given rights presented to us having been born Americans.

The Pledge of Allegiance, written in 1892 and officially adopted by Congress in 1942 , has a specific line which clearly demonstrates this: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We are a nation traditionally bound by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments to the Constitution.

Today, many of those rights are under full blown attack from the political left.

They seek to act outside of the laws that bind their reach. These are people with power in mind, the kind of power and corruption that fueled the flames of our initial Revolution as a nation.

The modern Democratic Party is a shell of what it was once "supposed" to represent.

I emphasize the word "supposed" because a large portion of the history of the Democratic party in this country has been revised and white washed for political purpose.

We will explore this hypocrisy and false history in future pieces…

For now, it is imperative that we as a nation understand what is at stake in this election, just four full days away: We are at war.

This is a culture war, culture being used in the societal sense, not ethnically. On the Political Right, specifically those running on President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda, the message is clear: One of the biggest issues is illegal immigration.


Today, there is possibly no greater threat to our country than illegal immigration.

There is almost certainly no greater threat to the working people of our Country.

The argument " America needs immigrants" or "America is a nation of immigrants", " We all came from somewhere" or my personal favorite, " The economy would crumble without illegals to work those jobs" is a complete and utter fallacy and left wing talking point.

Just because something was once good, doesn't mean it will always be.

In addition, we do not take the world’s best - We largely import low-skill, uneducated workers.

We have many people in need in this country, and thus, we do not need to import more.

We have countless Veterans that have long since earned the right to a job or to the government services the left claims illegals do not receive but most certainly do.

Many people right here need jobs and would gladly work.

Lets take care of our own.

Legal immigration is different from running across a border, overstaying your visa, or any other vehicle of entry into our country illegally.

The immigrants of the past adopted American culture, spoke English, and took pride in being Americans.

Much of this is now gone.

However, there are immigrants who wait many years, who endure hardships, and who work tirelessly to become American citizens.

To glorify illegal aliens is a slap in the face to those people who have been through the worst to give themselves and their families a better life by doing it the right way.

First, these are illegal aliens as the definition states.

They are criminals from the moment they come into our country by breaking the first law we have- Illegal entry.

This is quite straight forward.

This does not mean they are all bad people by any stretch! Many are hard workers with nothing but the best intentions in mind.

That being said, that is not a justification for wiping their slate clean.

For every worker, there are also criminals, drug dealers, gang members, rapists etc.

Other countries do not, and smartly, will not send their best to our country, period.

It hurts them.

These people are not "Undocumented", that is a leftwing label- lock, stock and barrel, to politicize the issue and attempt to hide the facts.

The large political donors, who contribute on both sides of the political isle, are simply open border, cheap labor globalist corporation lobbyists who care nothing for the American People and seek to incentivize illegal immigration and profit from it.

They want the American on the unemployment line as the illegals come in and do jobs that no normal person would do at the rates they pay illegals.

Let me be clear, Americans will work and have worked these jobs, but they cannot work for $5, $6 and $7 dollars an hour.

Let me also be clear - I do not blame the illegal.

Many simply seek a better life. Our country is still so great that living here on the poverty line is like living wonderfully in some of these third world nations.

Take a look around at the work force - Much of blue collar America is under assault.

Even unions no longer have the strength they once did.

The trades simply cannot compete against the labor pricing given by companies and corporations that employ illegals. These American Men and Women are SKILLED workers who should be paid for their talents and everyday they are being undercut by the millions.

In addition, much of the money earned by illegals is obviously not taxed and is sent back to their country of origin.

This does not help the American economy.

Note: Shopping in American stores and paying sales tax on items does not constitute paying taxes. Many liberals attempt to make this argument and its ridiculous.

If they make $500 dollars off the books, paying tax on a $2.50 bottle of soda doesn't make up for what they haven't contributed from their paycheck as the rest of us pay 27% and up of our earned money to the US Government and the IRS, which is not a part of our Government.

These are large secondary issues we will definitely touch on and explore in future, as they are important.

This is a small piece of a larger subject regarding illegal immigration that we will continue to explore.

The Democrats seek to import illegals, give them papers, make them government dependent and create what they view as a new voter class.

Look at this migrant caravan: To the Left, these are future voters.

Make no mistake, they care nothing for these people. If they did, they would support American initiatives to make foreign countries be self-reliant, and to improve their conditions in their countries.

The choice is clear - The Republicans want a WALL and a SECURE border while seeking a solution to the illegal immigration problem we face.

We support the men and women of ICE who protect our neighborhoods from the worst elements of the illegal immigrant community.

We must stop the lunacy of the anchor baby policy and enforce the 14th Amendment as it was written and meant to be - Not as it is liberally interpreted and utilized.

It is insanity that illegals come into our country, have a child who is then a citizen, and that citizenship is used as a springboard for chain migration in which additional members of the family are almost endlessly permitted to enter the country.

No sane nation would embrace this policy.

We are moving back to the principles and vision of our founders.

The President is fighting for us and needs help.

This is not a dictatorship.

We need the House and the Senate to make laws PERMANENT.

The Left wants blanket amnesty and open borders. They openly call for the abolishment of ICE.

This is one issue that as Americans regardless of political affiliation, we should all be on the same side of as it pertains to safety, security and the economic prosperity of the American worker.

Sadly, it is not and only one side is fighting for us. They have an (R) next to their names.

Once the bigger picture is understood, everything else is illuminated.

Politics begins locally, even in Blue states like our’s here in New York.

Local representatives matter. Get out and vote. Remember this when you pull that lever on Tuesday.


- JD