Celebrities Are Starting to Distance Themselves From the Far Left

I doubt too many of you listen to z100 weekday mornings.

Truth be told, I wouldn't if I lived alone. I live with my girlfriend, though, so she listens to the Elvis Duran in the Morning show on the known wiretaps (Alexas) we have throughout the house as she's getting ready for work.

Normally, I tune out the morning show entirely.

This morning, however, I was drawn in when I heard the host, Elvis Duran, talking about the current state of New York City.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, let's just say it leans pretty far to the Left.

While Elvis isn't nearly the worst offender on the show, they rarely make cogent political arguments when those topics arise on segments like the Danielle Report, which infuriates me almost every time!

Anyway, earlier today, Elvis went off about how dirty the city is.

He said that not since Mayor Dinkins was in office has he seen it this filthy and disgusting.

I witnessed this firsthand a month or so back when I went into the city for one of the final outdoor concerts of the season. I was never a fan of the city to begin with, but now the stench of urine just follows you everywhere.

Trash bags are strewn all over the sidewalks, and for the first time in my life, I felt like maybe those people who were afraid of catching SARS in the early 2000s were onto something with wearing those medical masks while outdoors in congested areas.

Conservatives tend to (rightfully) believe that celebrities should focus on their craft, and that they should keep their political views to themselves, outside of the public eye.

It's not polite to try to push your political leanings on others without being asked to, after all...

Luckily, even terrible offenders of celebrity Leftist grandstanding are starting to distance themselves from members of the Far Left.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, perhaps the most Left-leaning judge on the highest court in the land, publicly voiced her support for newly-elected Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend. She stated that he’s now part of their family, and that what matters is how they work together from this point going forward.

This is a great example of bipartisanship rarely seen from a political figure on the Left side of the aisle!

Dan Crenshaw, a congressman from Texas, delivered a powerful message on Saturday Night Live one week after a botched attempt by SNL ‘comedian’ Pete Davidson.

Evan and I covered it on yesterday’s podcast, but long story short, Crenshaw discussed the importance of treating ALL Americans, regardless of political affiliations, with respect. He reminded us that we’re all citizens of the same country, and that we’ll either flourish or we’ll flounder based on our ability to be bipartisan and to get things done.

Heck, even Alyssa Milano and Deborah Messing, both huge, vocal, Leftist actresses in Hollywood, are distancing themselves from the Women’s March, an organization they’ve both advocated for in the past.

These are two of the same women who thought that Brett Kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent, and have said a lot of ridiculous things over the years…

Why are they taking a step back from the alleged biggest feminist advocacy group of our generation?

Because the Women’s March affiliates itself with anti-Semitic, vile human being, Louis Farrakhan. Additionally, one of their coordinators, Linda Sarsour, is anti-Semitic herself. She’s also a sympathizer for one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, Assata Shakur, tweeting out a ‘Happy Birthday’ message this past July.

Our hope as conservatives in this country is that the Far Left loses its luster. We hope that the newly elected Democratic-Socialist congressmen and women aren’t able to pass their initiatives, and that we can get back to more (at the very least) centrist governance.

Some celebrities are starting to wake up to the evils of the Far Left’s ideologies, and the people that most advocate them. If you haven’t yet, perhaps it’s time you do the same.

_ Pete

Image courtesy of AXP0149 on Wikimedia