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Pete is a 30 year old entrepreneur who lives on Long Island. He was raised in a liberal bubble, and never felt like he fit in from the time he was a kid, up until reaching early adulthood.

After starting his first business at the age of 25, Pete quickly realized the issues government bureaucracy posed to small business owners across the state. After the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders in 2016, Pete started paying attention to politics, and quickly realized that a lot of the things he learned in school had an incredibly biased and Leftist spin on them.

By the time the election came around, Pete decided not to follow what most of his friends and family did, and he voted against Hillary. Since then, Pete has become a Libertarian-Conservative, and believes that a reduction in the size of government is the only way the United States will begin to undo a lot of the issues that social welfare programs and government dependency has had on the public.



Justin is a 30 Year old Brooklyn-Born, Queen-raised, Blue Collar Italian-American from a middle class family.

A Staunch Conservative whose political beliefs are linked with common sense solutions, morals, values, and a clear set of convictions that were started in the home with his family, his conservatism continued to grow through life experience.

He is currently a small business owner whose company provides audio/video, technology and construction-based solutions to the NYC area.

Politics are a passion for him. After years of political blogging and debate, Justin decided along with fellow members Pete, Daniel, and Evan, to start Empire State Conservatives Network with the goal being to spread the America First message conveyed by our President, and to provide continued informative discussion, persuasive writings and inspired commentary on the state of our nation from a Pro-Trump millennial Conservative’s viewpoint.



Evan is a former police officer who now works in the education field with special education children. He grew up in a Jewish household full of liberals who didn’t understand why they were voting Democrat. 

Evan started moving away from the Left in college when he got tired of every professor spewing their hateful rhetoric towards men. He finally had enough when President Obama instigated a war on police and sided with violent rioters instead of those who protect the citizens of this country.

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Nicole is a Buffalo, NY born-and-raised Italian American. She is a conservative writer and influencer with a passion for exposing the Far Left media bias faced by Conservatives every day. She solidified her conservative views in college, where she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in 2016. She served as the Head Editor of her college's literary magazine, and earned a competitive scholarship in Leadership.



Born in Elmira, NY in 1968, Jeff spent his formative years learning in this rural community about God, family, and Country. He found a strong work ethic there, as well as his love for the outdoors.

His family and he moved to the Capital District of New York in 1980, where he continues to reside today.

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